jeudi 18 juin 2015

Expertise de la voix en entreprise

Carole Chabry interviewée pour #VIVENDI lors de la Semaine Bien Etre, en vue de la Conférence Voix, Bien Etre et Performance animée par #CaroleChabry chez VIVENDI le 04/06/15

Carole Chabry Expert voix entreprises...>>
 Coaching vocal entreprises
 Coaching vocal entreprises

Les Rdv de DFCG au féminin

Carole Chabry, chanteuse lyrique depuis 12 ans, maintenant au service des dirigeants d'entreprises dans leur démarche de réappropriation de la voix, était l'invitée de DFCG au féminin le 12/05 dernier pour un débat à l'occasion des rensez-vous mensuels organisés par la DFCG Ile-de-France...
Un échange de qualité avec une professionnelle de la voix...

 Coaching vocal entreprises
 Coaching vocal entreprises

jeudi 11 juin 2015

Performance Peindre une voix

Comme un court extrait d’opéra figé sur la toile...
"Peindre une voix", oeuvre réalisée en écoutant la cantatrice Carole Chabry interpréter la Wally de Catalani, lors du vernissage de l'exposition Jean-claude Bertrand
au Centre Culturel du Ministère des Finances à Paris/Bercy fin janvier 2014...

 Espace vocal et Carole Chabry, expertise de la voix

 La performance de Carole Chabry et Jean-claude Bertrand 

 Voir Facebook Peindre la voix
Performance Peindre la voix

Interview Carole Chabry

Interview du site #Praditus
Most people fear speaking in public, but Carole Chabry has made her career singing in front of large audiences. A lyric soprano who has performed to international acclaim, she now works with singers of all abilities to overcome their fears and perform to the best of their abilities. She is director of her own studio, Espace Vocal (#espacevocal .fr) and produces a number of shows annually to showcase the talent she encourages. Praditus talked to Carole to find out what a performer has to say about maximizing performance.

 Coaching vocal
Coaching vocal
Tell us about some of the steps on your journey to where you are now.
After university, I walked into a music conservatory, and a singing teacher advised me to stay. A few years later, I was accepted at the prestigious National Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris and got a first prize for singing with honors in 1996. That led to a career in opera, travelling the world and performing with major orchestras. In 2004, I created my company to teach voice and offer coaching to executives. I also compose “sound signatures” for companies. All my activities have a common denominator: the Voice.

What do you like about what you are doing right now?
I like to create and reinvent myself every day, and my work as artistic director allows me to do that!

Tell us about the people who have helped you get where you are: mentors, people who inspired you, people who gave you a break…
I learned a lot from my grandparents and my singing teachers, of course. But I also learned a lot from great singers who were able to make their roles their own. I really admire artists who are authentic and use their art to help others.

What kinds of stress do you have in your job? How do you manage it?
There is always stress before a concert, for example. But fortunately singers learn breathing techniques!

You work with executives. What kinds of stress do you see in them, and what techniques do you teach them that might help with that?
There are many similarities between an artist waiting to go on stage and a leader about to speak to employees: the burden is heavy and the responsibility is great. The singing and especially breathing techniques I teach in my coaching sessions help tame and subdue the stress an executive might be feeling. The voice is a reflection of the mind, so it is worth taking the time to understand how an executive has been shaped by his or her career history and transforming that knowledge into a stronger voice.

What is the most difficult part of your job for you?
The beginning of a new production is always difficult: creating a needs assessment and running a financial simulation.

What kinds of people do you find easy/difficult to work with?
It can be difficult to work with people who lack enthusiasm, cheaters, and naysayers. It really bothers me when people hide behind their artistic technique instead of using art to express themselves. I try to always have people around me who lift me up!

What are your strategies for dealing with difficult clients?
It all starts with a long talk with the person. You cannot help someone who does not want to make progress. I start by helping them see things differently, using images and situations from everyday life. Kindness and a positive attitude also help them see their challenges more positively!

What are your favorite challenges in your job?
Remaining authentic and optimistic despite the vagaries of life.

What motivates you to get up and go every morning?
Knowing that I can pass on my passion for voice to anyone who is willing to try.

How do you see yourself in the future? What are you doing now to get there?
Professionally, I would like to intensify my executive coaching business and continue to help young singers make a name for themselves at the concerts I organize. Personally, I hope to be able to enjoy my life with the man I love, while helping my children find their path.
Source Praditus

Spectacle Les Friandises Lyriques à Carrière-sur-seine

C'est à carrière-sur-seine, le 28 Mars, sur des airs de Mozart, Franck, Haendel, Debussy, Vivaldi, Verdi, Bellini... que le spectacle "Friandises lyriques" se produisait pour la seconde fois...

A cette occasion, Carole Chabry proposait aussi quelques airs.
Carole Chabry, 1er Prix du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris a créé Espace Vocal, Centre de Formation et d'Enseignement du Chant en 2004.

Elle y enseigne et permet à des élèves de très bon niveau, via la collection de concerts "Les Friandises Lyriques", de se produire en public.

 Cours de chant avec Espace Vocal
 Cours de chant avec Espace Vocal à Chatou
Un mini choeur et les élèves solistes ont pu partager leur passion de cet Art, le corps pour instrument : le Chant !
Accompagnement : Valéria Mishina